Sudan: The Cost of Silence Exhibition

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“The Cost of Silence” collates a large body of images in order to construct a narrative of perhaps the most critical social issue of our time – genocide. Without the deafening context of culture and advertising too often present in magazine and television coverage of such issues, the images are given room to speak in a space designed to allow the viewer time for encountering the work unencumbered. With no headline ticker tape to distract its audience, a well-crafted photographic exhibition resonates with those who encounter it conveying and translating sacred testimony in a way no other outlet can.

Coordinating efforts with institutions across the country will provide visual documentation and firsthand experience of the genocide to widespread, preexisting, grassroots groups with humanitarian initiatives in place. The interdisciplinary relevance of the exhibition topic will attract more attention and members to these groups, and its continued presence will be the impetus for further conversation of the crisis in Sudan. The facility that hosts the exhibit will serve as an epicenter for other community-wide events related to increasing awareness, as well as a destination for classes studying the atrocity.

"The Cost of Silence" will continue to foster momentum toward a permanent anti-genocide constituency by empowering individuals and communities with the tools to influence public opinion, and corporate responsibility, and government policy on genocide.

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For booking or further information, please call +1.231.920.3807 or email